The Complete Guide to G Suite Email Protection

For IT and Security Leaders

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key executive considerations for securing sensitive data and complying with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, CJIS, and FERPA
  • When Google’s native encryption is not enough to fully secure the data coming in and out of your enterprise
  • The benefits that end-to-end protection, key management and control, and ease of use bring to your enterprise

Your Business is Your Data – And Your Data Lives in Your Email.

The corporate inbox, which stores everything from invaluable intellectual property to highly confidential executive memos, represents a gold mine for hackers and crucial vulnerability for careless employees. That’s why your security strategy must include comprehensive email encryption to shield your enterprise data and keep strategic priorities on track.

This guide will explain the factors driving the need for email encryption, walk you through the options available to organizations using G Suite, and orient you to the benefits of end-to-end data protection. It will also provide a brief overview of Virtru, a practical data-centric encryption solution for G Suite.

Dive Deeper

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