Five Must-Have Features for Modern Email Encryption

How to Meet Key Enterprise Requirements and Take Back Control of Your Data with End-to-End Encryption

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key considerations for adapting to modern enterprise security needs
  • The 5 must-have features for email encryption tools to satisfy modern enterprise requirements
  • How Virtru delivers these features and offers end-to-end encryption that is surprisingly easy to use and preserves audit and control wherever data travels

Email Security Stakes Are Higher than Ever… And Your Dated Email Encryption Puts You at Even Greater Risk

Email remains the most pervasive form of corporate communication. It’s also the #1 source of data leaks. The move to the cloud, accelerating cross-enterprise collaboration, and an increasingly complicated regulatory environment have permanently increased the stakes for email protection. Security leaders must adapt to these shifts to strengthen their security posture and avoid vulnerabilities that result in data breaches and resulting massive costs.

Download this free guide to understand the key features of effective email encryption tools that support successful enterprise security programs. You’ll also learn how Virtru delivers these features while offering end-to-end protection that comes with a seamless user experience and unmatched visibility and control.