Data Sheet

HIPAA Compliant Email and File Sharing

Protect PHI wherever it’s shared to ensure HIPAA compliance and deliver better care outcomes.

Healthcare providers need quick access to health data, and while cloud collaboration improves accessibility, it also increases risks for data loss and patient confidentiality breaches. The Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires encryption for the transmission of protected health information (PHI), with violations resulting in fines up to $1.5 million. Meanwhile, 65% of patients would consider changing providers in the event of a breach, highlighting the importance of patient confidentiality.

Virtru makes HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality easy by putting you in full control of PHI shared across cloud environments, applications, and devices, while enabling seamless access that improves care delivery. Integrated with tools you already use like Gmail, Google Drive, and Microsoft Outlook, Virtru ensures PHI stays protected throughout the course of care.

Protect and Control PHI to Ensure Compliance, Confidentiality, and Optimal Care

HIPAA Compliance

Fulfill HIPAA requirements to implement access and audit controls and transmission security measures to protect PHI.

Patient Confidentiality

Preserve confidentiality and reinforce patient trust with persistent control and visibility, wherever PHI is shared.

Care Optimization

Give internal and external care collaborators seamless, secure access to PHI to help deliver better care outcomes.

“Virtru offered us a way to transport our data in a way that was 100% HIPAA compliant. Their protection for email and files and persistent access controls gave us the assurances we needed.”
Nathan West, Director of Technology, ComforCare

Share PHI with Confidence Throughout the Course of Care


Give out-of-network and internal caregivers seamless, secure access to treatment plans and other PHI for enhanced care coordination.


Share test results, medical histories, and other PHI with patients to promote transparency and reinforce patient trust.


Securely exchange claims and other billing documents to streamline reimbursement workflows with insurance organizations.

Why Leading Healthcare Organizations Choose Virtru

  • End-to-End PHI Protection: Encrypt PHI upon creation to prevent unauthorized access and keep it protected and confidential as it’s shared throughout the course of care.
  • Persistent Visibility and Control: See who has accessed PHI, when, where, and for how long. Set expiration, disable forwarding, and maintain control of attachments after download. Instantly revoke access to PHI before it’s breached to mitigate HIPAA risks.
  • Ease of Use: Deploy in minutes, integrating directly with your existing email and file systems. Users can leverage existing credentials so that there’s no new user names, passwords, or software for patients, external providers, or payers.

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