PHI Security Best Practices: Facilitate Collaboration

Share Data Securely with all Providers, Billing Agencies, and Business Partners


Sharing health data with key entities — from other providers to billing agencies to business partners — is essential for optimizing patient outcomes. Yet, traditional security solutions cannot protect data throughout the entire digital ecosystem. Each gap presents an opportunity for the data to be breached and collaboration to breakdown. Virtru closes every gap. The easy-to-use platform encrypts files at the source so your patient data is always secure — no matter where it travels.

Download this guide, part of our PHI Security Best Practices series, to learn more about securely facilitating collaboration.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Virtru makes it easy for other providers, patients, and payers, to access PHI when authorized.
  • Why per-platform (at rest) or per-connection (in-transit) security is not enough to secure PHI from creator-to-collaborator
  • How Virtru makes secure provider-to-provider and provider-to-payer communication easy