PHI Security Best Practices: Data Security Controls

Choose an Easy-to-Use Solution for HIPAA-Compliant Data Security


Along with securing patients personal data, healthcare organizations also struggle with staying in control of their patients’ data as it travels the digital ecosystem. Virtru makes it easy by putting organization’s users and admins in full control — wherever patient data is created or shared. Virtru’s controls help you safely share patients’ medical and billing records internally and with external care collaborators, so you can stay in HIPAA compliance, while improving patient outcomes.

Download this guide, part of our PHI Security Best Practices series, to learn more about controlling PHI securely.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Virtru enables administration, audit, and incident response for securing PHI
  • How giving users and admins more control over data can limit exposure to data breaches and HIPAA penalties
  • How Virtru’s controls enable added layers of security