PHI Security Best Practices: Own Your Keys

Virtru Gives You Control Over Your Encryption Keys


Securing patients’ data is the first critical step to maintaining patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. The second critical step is maintaining control of your encryption keys. Virtru makes it easy by giving you the power to easily host and manage your encryption keys versus requiring you to trust third parties. You don’t trust the bank with the key to your safety deposit box, so why let security vendors host and manage the encryption keys securing your data. Customer-hosted keys greatly mitigate the chance of data misuse, abuse, and theft.

Download this guide, part of our PHI Security Best Practices series, to learn more about customer-hosted keys.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How hosting your own keys protects you from HIPAA data breaches and fines
  • How to prevent unauthorized third-party access by email and cloud providers
  • How Virtru removes third-party trust concerns by giving you full control of yoru encryption keys