Reassessing Email Protection for the Cloud Era

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to add enhanced email protection that's actually easy-to-use
  • Manage access to and audit emails and files, no matter where they travel
  • Enforce encryption on the client-side and server-side via admin policies
  • Comply with privacy regulations like PCI, CFPB, GLBA, and GDPR
  • Maintain exclusive ownership of the encryption keys that protect your data

Employee email remains the number one cause of enterprise data leaks. And traditional approaches to email protection are complicated to manage, cumbersome for end users, and not well suited for cloud applications.

And with an increasingly demanding regulatory environment and a near constant threat of data leaks, it’s imperative for financial services organizations to evaluate their email security approach.

Watch this webinar to see how your organization can easily protect and share regulated or highly confidential data with confidence and control access — even after messages have been read or forwarded

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