Case Study

Return Path Relies on Virtru to Enable GDPR Compliant Email & File Sharing

Return Path is a leader in the email optimization industry, helping marketers take their email programs to the next level. They partner with best-in-class mailbox providers and ISPs to help clients understand how users interact with email. They’re currently increasing engagement across more than 70 percent of existing email—over 2.5 billion inboxes worldwide.

We spoke with Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer of Return Path. Dennis is responsible for a team ensuring security and privacy needs for Return Path’s clients and employees.

How are you using Virtru today?

“We have contractual and regulatory obligations to keep information secure, so we have to adhere to high security standards. A good example: Our human resources team is constantly moving employee personal data across the wire through the course of daily operations. We’re using Virtru to ensure we protect the confidential nature of salary, performance, and other employee sensitive information. We’re also offering Virtru to our sales and service staff, in the event they need to protect highly confidential client communications. Our customers and employees count on us to keep their data secure, so we want to ensure we have technical mechanisms to help make that possible.”

How is Virtru helping Return Path?

“For those who need an encryption communications technology day in and day out, Virtru just works Return Path Relies on Virtru to Easily Protect Sensitive Data and Enable GDPR Compliant Email & File Sharing VIRTRU SUCCESS STORY “Our customers and employees count on us to keep their data secure. We’re using Virtru to ensure that potentially sensitive conversations that we share through email are properly encrypted.” – Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Return Path and it works very well. And for those who only occasionally might need to encrypt an email, like a sales or marketing team, they can turn it on and off as needed very easily. By making it easy and user friendly, employees are more willing to use Virtru—and that puts us in a better security position.” How were you sharing sensitive information before Virtru? “I’ve been doing this for twenty-plus years, so I’ve seen all the different ways that we’ve attempted to layer on security. One of those, as an example, is Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)—which worked well in the early days, to sort of encrypt information like passwords and financial information. But now, with the rampant use of email, getting adoption of tech that I jokingly say requires a technology degree to use—that just doesn’t bode well in today’s environment. My grandparents can use Gmail, but I should never expect them to have to worry about PGP. Even at our technology company, there are people, say in sales or legal, who shouldn’t have to learn PGP for that one time a year they need an email encrypted.”

What capabilities really stand out?

“For us, the big things are ease of use and integration with our existing environment. We needed a solution that was fully integrated and could work with our existing single sign-on process. And we didn’t want anyone to have to go into their settings to turn something on and off. With Virtru, we can just flip a switch to add security, while authoring a message in real time. It’s simple and perfectly integrated. Even better? We didn’t have to install anything on our computers. We just turned on the solution, and we didn’t have to spend a lot of time training people. With Virtru, we’ve really avoided a lot of extra work and stress.”

“Moving over to the Virtru platform really made security simpler. A few years ago, we decided to move our corporate email to Google G Suite, which already has TLS/SSL encryption. But that only goes so far; it doesn’t address man-in-the-middle attacks or the actual content itself being encrypted. Virtru fills in that missing piece simply and quickly.”

Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Return Path