The State of Data Protection and Privacy in the Enterprise 2017

What You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for evaluating your data breach risks.
  • 2017’s most common security vulnerabilities and how to prevent them going forward.
  • How enterprises are allocating their 2018 IT and security budgets

Industry Analyst EMA Uncovers Dangerous Cybersecurity Misconceptions, Misplaced Priorities and Barriers to Protecting Enterprise Information

Conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in partnership with Samsung Next, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Virtru, this research stems from an online survey of more than 150 respondents across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, banking, education, professional services and other industries. To supplement this data, EMA Security Research Director David Monahan held one-on-one interviews with enterprise security executives.

The survey explored attitudes toward data protection of IT executives and line of business leaders at North American enterprises. The ensuing research identifies several misconceptions, misplaced priorities, and contradictions that continue to leave organizations vulnerable to data breaches.