Data Sheet

Virtru Data Protection Platform

Easily Protect Data Wherever It’s Created or Shared

Secure Sharing and Data Monitoring Across Mixed Data Environments

At many organizations, internal and external collaboration remain siloed out of fear of data misuse, abuse, and theft, hampering productivity and innovation while frustrating the teams responsible for privacy and security. At Virtru, we understand that data is your most valuable asset and sharing it is critical for success. But sharing creates significant risk. Virtru helps you protect data when sharing it, both internally and externally, fostering secure collaboration with persistent encryption, access controls, and revocation.

The Virtru Difference

Easy Enablement
  • Start protecting data in minutes.
  • Align with existing applications and workflows.
  • Realize the full potential of existing security and collaboration tools.
Persistent Protection
  • Secure data at the object level with the Trusted Data Format (TDF).
  • Attach policies to the data to ensure persistent access control.
  • Add Virtru protection to yourcustom applications
External Sharing
  • Support sharing in and out of mixed data environments.
  • Audit and revoke access to data even after it’s been shared.
  • Manage Virtru policies and event monitoring with existing tools.

A Better Way to Protect and Share Data

Easy Encryption

Seamless end-to-end email and file encryption, on-demand and extremely easy to use.

Gateway encryption available to ensure organization-wide protection.

Persistent Control

Expire messages, control forwarding, view read receipts, and watermark documents.

Immediately revoke access at any time

Granular Audit

View which recipients have accessed or forwarded protected email and files.

Export to SIEMs for threat monitoring and audit reporting.

Extensible Data Protection Framework

Key Management

Customer-hosted keys for full control, or Virtru-hosted key management. HSM integrations for the highest levels of confidentiality.

Technology Integrations

End-to-end encryption, rights management, and secure external sharing extended to leading DLP, CASB, HSM, and other solutions. SDK allows you to integrate persistent protection into custom applications.

Industry-leading Usability

Support your users where they already work. Get up and running in minutes. Share securely across platforms and devices.

Trusted Data Format

The Trusted Data Format combined with patented UX technology allows granular data protection and access controls for any type of content.

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