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Virtru Developer Hub for IT and Security Decision Makers

Data protection and control for multi-cloud environments and applications - no cryptographic expertise required.

The Virtru Developer Hub allows your DevOps team to easily integrate data protection and control capabilities, and ensure the privacy of sensitive data wherever it’s created or shared. Any developer can embed platform-agnostic protection into custom applications or connected devices in just a few lines of code. Virtu eliminates the burden of building encryption solutions and reduces the complexity of overseeing point solutions and multiple management consoles.
By giving your DevOps team quick and easy access to tools that enable persistent data protection and consistent policy enforcement across disparate systems and multi-cloud environments, you can rest assured that data will remain private and secure. And developers can focus on building applications that align with your business goals and needs.

Deliver Data Protection and Collaboration Solutions Based on a Proven, Open Architecture

Persistent Control

Protect data while sharing it internally and externally. Revoke access, control forwarding and watermark documents. Audit access and sharing.

Key Management

Host your own keys, or leverage Virtru’s fully-hosted SaaS key management. Support HSM integrations for the highest levels of confidentiality.

Industry-Leading Usability

Support users where they already work. Get up-and-running in minutes. Share securely across platforms and devices.

Empower Developers to Build the Power of Privacy into Your Solutions

Virtru SDKs: Manage communications with Virtru APIs to embed encryption and control policies into your applications.

Management Dashboard: Allows administrators to manage policies, revoke and adapt access controls, and get visibility into sharing activities.

Trusted Data Format (TDF): Open security standard that allows granular data protection, control and secure sharing for any data type.

Identity Federation: Supports seamless authentication leveraging open, federated identity standards—such as OpenID, OAuth and SAML.

Key Access Server: Brokers access to encryption keys and coordinates access control policies.

Entity Attribute Server: Enables fine-grained access controls with identity management services that support continuous data integrity checks.

The Developer Hub Supports a Growing Community of Technology Partners, including Netskope, Wirewheel, and Intel



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