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Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right

Virtru’s mission is to bring privacy and security to everyone, not just those with deep financial and technical resources. Nothing is more important to us than working with the nonprofit organizations that, on shoestring budgets, serve millions in need around the world.

We want to help. To do your work, you often need HIPAA compliant email to share very sensitive information. We’re excited to bring you affordable, easy-to-use email encryption in recognition of your efforts.

Qualifying nonprofits will receive 10 free seats and we offer deeper discounts for organizations with larger seat counts. Contact us to learn more.

What You Get With Virtru Pro

  • Works with your existing email services like Gmail and Outlook.
  • Requires no new accounts, no portals, no keys to exchange.
  • Allows you to revoke emails, set expiration dates, and control where your messages can be forwarded.
  • Features Virtru DLP which detects sensitive content and either auto-encrypts or warns you.
  • Provides data-centric encryption and HIPAA compliant email. Only you and your intended recipients can decrypt.
  • Allows no service provider – not even Virtru – access to your content.
  • Search your encrypted emails without giving access to third parties.
  • Easily watermark PDFs and view read receipts for hte emails you send.

charity:water Uses Virtru

“Email encryption is a necessity for our nonprofit organization and Virtru has allowed us to easily secure sensitive information shared between our employees, and our stakeholders.”

— Ian Cook, IT Manager

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