If you don’t see your users listed in your Virtru Dashboard, then your domain sync has not completed fully. Here’s what you’ll need to do to force the sync to complete:

1) Open a new Incognito Window in Chrome, and head to admin.google.com. (If you’re in another browser, use your browser’s equivalent – Private Browsing, InPrivate, etc).

2) Ensure that API access is enabled for your domain by clicking Security > API Reference. Check “Enable API Access” and save your changes.

3) Then head back to www.virtru.com/cust-admin-resources, and enter your information in the box in Step 1 (while still in Incognito).

4) Follow the prompts to add Virtru to your domain.

If, at the end of that process, you’re not shown a screen with the total number of groups, aliases, and users in your domain, the sync is not yet complete. To force the sync to go through, paste the following URL into your Incognito window: