If you’ve logged into the Secure Reader previously with a different email address, your browser may have defaulted to that address’s credentials instead of the address that received the current email.  Check which account is currently logged in via the menu in the top right corner of the Secure Reader.  If that’s not the address to which the email was sent, simply click that menu and select the proper address.  If you’re not granted access immediately, just refresh the page.

Within your Microsoft Office Outlook email account, a Virtru-secured email will appear in the same format as a regular email. Upon opening the email, you may see the following message:

“Hello! I’m using Virtru to send and receive secure email. Click the link below to read my message. If you have any questions, please contact me.”

Immediately following the message is a button labeled “Open in Secure Reader”, as well as a brief description of Virtru. Please note that the sender may choose to include a custom message instead. If the email appears unfamiliar, you may want to consult the sender.

  1. Click the button labeled “Open in Secure Reader”. A tab titled “Secure Reader | Virtru” will open in a browser. 

Unlock Message

  1. Within this tab, you are asked to verify your identity by selecting your email provider. Select “Sign in with Microsoft”.image92
  2. You will be directed to a new page. Due to the sensitive nature of the email, you are asked to verify your identity with your email account username and password, and then click, “Sign in”.image33
  3. You can now read the sender’s original message displayed in Virtru’s Secure Reader, a page titled “Secure Reader | Virtru”. image42