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My Virtru add-in has been installed. How do I activate it in Outlook?


After installing the Virtru extension, you can now activate Virtru for your Microsoft Office Outlook account.

  1. Open your Microsoft Office Outlook application. If it is still open, close and then reopen the application. A message will pop up requesting your authorization. Click “Authorize Me”.Virtru for Outlook Activation
  2. A window will appear, stating that the process will take a few minutes. Once it is finished, a message will inform you that you are ready to send securely.image41image90
  3. For more information and management of Virtru extension, visit the “Virtru” tab on the toolbar. For any questions or issues regarding installation and activation, please contact us here.image21

That’s it! You’re all set to start composing and sending secure with Virtru in Outlook. Here’s a preview of what that looks like. *Note that Virtru is turned On in this screenshot:

ComposingEmailOutlook2013 (1)

Still have questions? We’re here and happy to help.

Follow these detailed instructions to activate Virtru for your Microsoft Office Outlook account, after installing the Virtru extension.