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How do I apply Virtru Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules for specific Organizational Units (OUs) and Groups already configured on my domain?

Virtru Enterprise customers have the ability to set DLP rules for certain subsets of their users.

After purchasing a Virtru Enterprise subscription, Super Administrators for your domain can set Virtru DLP rules to apply only to certain OUs and Groups. Super Administrators can also give individual users in your organization the ability to define DLP rules for specific OUs and Groups to which they already belong.

To apply DLP rules for certain OUs and/or groups, click on the ‘RULES’ tab on the left side of your Virtru Dashboard (if you are an administrator for your Virtru organization, make sure you have ‘Organization Admin Mode’ toggled on at the top left of your dashboard).

Once you’ve clicked the ‘RULES’ tab, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where you will see a ‘+’ sign. Hover over this icon to click ‘New Custom Rule’ and enter Virtru’s custom DLP rule builder. Here, you will see two options at the top of the screen, where you can choose to scope your rule to any number of OUs and/or Groups.

Click on the ‘+OU’ or ‘+Group’ button to display a list of selections from which to choose. The selections listed come directly from the OUs and Groups that have already been configured for your domain. Once you’ve identified the OUs and Groups to whom you want your rule to apply, you can continue building your DLP policy and click ‘Save & Exit’ to apply it to those specified user populations.

If you are on a Virtru Pro or Virtru Business plan and would like the ability to access these capabilities, please reach out to your account manager or contact Virtru sales.

For more information on these capabilities, check out the video below: