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How do I give users in my organization the ability to configure DLP rules for specific OUs and Groups?

If you are on a Virtru Enterprise plan, Super Administrators can give individual users in your organization the ability to apply DLP rules for specific OUs and Groups to which they already belong.

To assign these privileges to your users, go to your Virtru Admin Dashboard and ensure that you have have ‘Organization Admin Mode’ toggled on at the top left of your screen. Depending on which type of grouping you want to edit, select either the ‘OU’ or the ‘GROUPS’ tab from the left side of the dashboard.

You will see a tree on the left displaying either the OU or Group hierarchy for your domain. Click on the OU / Group for which you want to assign DLP privileges. Next, click on the ‘Add Admin’ button at the top right of the screen.

You’ll see dropdown of all users in that OU / Group, from which you can search and select individual users to assign as Virtru admins. Then, check the box under each of your selected users in the row titled ‘Create DLP Rules.’ In doing so, you will give these users the ability to create, edit, and remove DLP rules created for the specified OU / Group. The next time they log into their Virtru Dashboards, they will see a ‘RULES’ tab on the lefthand side from which they can configure OU- and Group-specific DLP policies.

To remove a user’s OU / Group admin privileges, hover over their email address (which should now appear as a column header for the displayed matrix), and click the ‘x’ icon in the top right.

If you are on a Virtru Pro or Virtru Business plan and would like the ability to access these capabilities, please reach out to your account manager or contact Virtru sales.

For more information on these capabilities, check out the video below: