Product Support & FAQ

How do I install and activate Virtru on Firefox?

Based on a variety of factors, Virtru has decided to end-of-life its support for the Firefox browser add-on.

Why are we ending Firefox support?

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our customers in all Virtru-enabled applications. The Firefox release schedule and process has made it challenging to uphold our quality and user experience standards on this platform. As such, effective February 19, 2018, we will no longer support the sending or reading of secure emails via a Firefox add-on.

How will this affect the encrypted emails and files created using the Firefox add-on?

Because access to content encrypted with Virtru is tied to a user’s email address and not their technology platform, emails and files encrypted using the Virtru add-on for Firefox will still be accessible via Chrome, Outlook, iOS, Android, and the Virtru Secure Reader. The Secure Reader remains compatible with Firefox and most modern browsers.

Downloading the Virtru extension is a quick and free way to secure your personal emails, as well as benefit from the various security features Virtru offers. For browser-operated email providers, the Virtru extension must be added to the browser before Virtru can be activated for the email account.Please note: Virtru will only work for email accounts opened in the browser with the extension. For example, if the extension is added to a Firefox browser, your email account must also be accessed through Firefox.