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How do I install Virtru for my G Suite domain?

Please watch this video, or follow along with the screenshots below to get started.
Marketplace App Install

1) Open a new Incognito Window in Chrome, and head to

2) Ensure that API access is enabled for your domain
a) In your Google Admin console (at…
b) Go to Security > API reference
c) Make sure the Enable API access box is checked.


d) At the bottom, click “Save”.

3) Return to the main page of your G Suite admin console and select Apps, then Marketplace Apps.


4) Click the + to add a new app; search for Virtru and add our app.



5) When prompted to “Get Ready To Install”, click “Continue”.



6) Accept our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy by checking the box and selecting “Accept”.


7) Decide if you’d like to notify your users that Virtru has been added; if you’re running a pilot test, turn this setting to Off. Click “Next”.


8) Click “Next” on steps 2 and 3: “Where to find Virtru Encryption” and “Approve the Android App”.



9) Click “Complete Additional Setup Now” to sync your domain and complete the installation.

Complete Additional Setup Now


Additional Resources

Once you’ve completed synching your organization’s domain, you’ll want to get your end users to add Virtru plug-ins. Here’s a short script to email your team.

Here’s an email template you can also use to make sure your recipients recognize the Virtru-encrypted emails you’ll be sending.

Tour your Virtru Admin Dashboard.

Set up DLP rules to detect and automatically encrypt sensitive info for your organization.