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If I don’t have Virtru installed how do I open, read and reply to a Virtru secure email?

If you’re reading this you’ve likely received a Virtru-secured email, but you don’t have Virtru installed. We’ll show you just how easy it is to read and reply to your message, as well as how to add secure attachments. But don’t worry, there is no installation and no clunky process.

Simply check out our quick videos at the bottom of this page, if you’d like to see what this process looks like in Gmail or OWA for Office 365 — or follow along with these few, simple steps.

Reading and Responding to a Virtru Secure Email in Gmail

Reading and Responding to a Virtru Secure Email in OWA for Office 365

Instructions to securely read the email:

1.   To begin, click the button labeled “Unlock Message”. A new tab will open.

Unlock Message


2.   Select your email address. If your email is not listed, click “My Email is not here” and enter your email information.




3.   In order to verify your identity, you are given two options. If you’d rather receive an email to verify your identity, click “Send Me an Email.” Logging in with Google or Microsoft? Please skip ahead to Step 6.




4.   You will receive a message instructing you to return to your inbox for the activation email. Please note that the activation email must be opened in the browser indicated in the email title.


Verification box


5.   The body of the email will contain a message with information regarding the activation process and the selected browser. Complete the activation process by clicking the button labeled, “Verify Me”.


Virtru Verification Email


6.   A new tab titled “Secure Reader | Virtru” will open. Within this tab, you can now read the sender’s original message displayed in Virtru’s Secure Reader.


Secure Reader


7.   If you wish to respond securely to the email, you can either compose a quick reply at the bottom of the screen or click “Secure Reply” at the top.



8.   At the top left of the Reply box, you can select whether to reply to the sender only or all of the recipients on the email by selecting the “Reply” option. After you finish composing your message, click “Send Secure Reply”.

If a recipient wishes to secure reply with an attachment, they can do this by selecting “Add Attachment”, selecting the file they wish to send before hitting “Send Secure Reply”.

Virtru Secure Reader Encrypted Attachment


If you have received an email which the sender has encrypted with Virtru, but you do not have Virtru installed on your browser, you will need to use Virtru’s Secure Reader to read the email and open any attachments. But don’t worry, there is no installation and no clunky process. Simply check out our video or follow the steps below, and you will be reading emails, downloading attachments, and replying securely in no time. Please watch our quick video, or follow along step-by-step by reading the full article.