Product Support & FAQ

To what position will the Virtru toggle be set when I compose, forward, or reply to emails from a Virtru-enabled client?

When you forward or reply to emails that you receive, the Virtru toggle will default to the encryption options that were initially applied by the sender.  So if someone sends you a Virtru-encrypted email, your reply to that message will have Virtru toggled on by default.  If the original message is sent unencrypted, your reply will position Virtru’s toggle off by default.  

These settings apply no matter which Virtru platform from which you’re responding.  You will also experience the same settings when composing new Virtru messages from Outlook.

When composing new Virtru emails from Gmail, the Virtru toggle will be positioned off by default – unless you are part of a Virtru organization whose administrator has adjusted the default toggle position either to be off or to ‘remember’ the setting used for the last Gmail message you composed.

Regardless of the default position, users will always have the option to toggle Virtru on or off for a given message.