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I am the Virtru administrator for my organization. How do I adjust the the default position of the Virtru toggle that my users will see when they compose a new email?

Virtru administrators can configure the default position of the Virtru toggle that their users will see when they compose new Gmail messages.

To adjust this feature, Virtru administrators should first access the Virtru dashboard at It’s important to ensure that ‘Organization Admin Mode’ has been toggled on in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

From the dashboard, click on the ‘Org Settings’ tab on the left of the screen. You will now see options for your organization’s email encryption default settings.

By clicking ‘On,’ Virtru will be toggled on by default when you go to compose new emails from your Virtru-supported Gmail client. To toggle Virtru ‘Off’ by default, click the ‘Off’ button. If you’d like Virtru to ‘remember’ the setting used for the last Gmail message composed, click ‘My Last Setting.’

Default Toggle Setting 2

For example, if you select ‘My Last Setting’ and then send an email with Virtru toggled on, Virtru will be toggled on by default the next time you compose a new email. If you send that second email with Virtru toggled off, Virtru will be toggled off by default when you go to compose your third new email.

After you’ve chosen your setting, you must choose whether or not your users are able to set their own default, or if you’d like to maintain a global setting for your domain. Check the ‘Allow users to override default’ box if you want your users to set their own default settings, or leave the box unchecked to apply a global setting for the entire organization.

If you leave the box checked, your end-users will be able to adjust their individual default settings by accessing the ‘Settings’ tab from their individual Virtru dashboards.

It’s important to note that the settings that you and your users set will currently only be applied when composing new messages from Virtru’s Chrome extension for Gmail.

Additionally, when your users forward or reply to emails that they receive, the Virtru toggle will default to the encryption options that were initially applied by the sender. So if someone sends you a Virtru-encrypted email, your reply to that message will have Virtru toggled on by default. If the original message is sent unencrypted, your reply will turn Virtru’s toggle off by default.

Regardless of the default position, users will always have the option to toggle Virtru on or off for a given message.

Please find a video overview of these instructions below: