Virtru File Protection

Protect and share Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) content with anyone.

Protect and Share

Protect Content from Creator to Consumer

Easily encrypt content before it’s uploaded to an EFFS to meet regulatory requirements and prevent third party access.

Safely share files stored in an EFSS with anyone, including non-EFSS users.



Never Lose Control of Your Sensitive Content

Revoke, expire, and track forwarding for EFSS files, even after they’ve been accessed.

Gain Visibility and Insight

Quickly see where EFSS content has been shared – inside and outside your organization.

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Features Summary

Surprisingly Easy to Use Data Protection

Easy to create and protect

One-click Protection encrypts content directly from EFSS.

Easy to read

No software to install, no portals, no new user IDs or passwords for recipients/consumers.

Secure from sender to recipients

Only you and those that you choose to share content with have access.

Securely Share with Anyone

Safely share files with anyone and require authentication.

Complete Control and Visibility

View audit trail

Track where users share protected content.

Revoke messages and use other controls

Revoke, expire, and disable content access at any point in the chain of custody, even after the content has been shared.

Easily search protected files

Create tags to enable easy file searching.

Automatically detect violations or notify users.

Read Receipts

See when users open your protected content.

Other Features

Customer-Hosted Keys

Host encryption keys on-premise, in a private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choice to meet GDPR and other data privacy requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet HIPAA, GDPR, CJIS and other regulatory requirements.

Data Protection for Mobile

Share and control access to protected emails and content from your mobile devices with Virtru’s iOS and Android apps.

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