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Gmail HIPAA Compliance

Encrypt from Gmail to enable HIPAA compliant sharing inside and outside of your domain.

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Automatic Gmail HIPAA Detection

Preconfigured rules check for protected health information (PHI) and secure it before leaving the sender’s device, ensuring automated protection and enabling G Suite HIPAA compliance.

Easy for Senders and Recipients

Virtru integrates directly with Gmail and mobile devices, and recipients can access encrypted messages without installing software or creating new accounts.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Signed BAA enables Gmail HIPAA compliance for all secure emails, even those shared with non-Google users.

See How Virtru Enhances G Suite’s Default HIPAA Compliance

By adding Virtru to your G Suite domain, you can enable HIPAA compliance for all of the messages you share – even those sent to patients, providers, and other recipients not using Google for email.

More than 2,000 Organizations Use Virtru to Enable HIPAA Compliance


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“We use Virtru in our office, and recommend their solution to all of our clients. Not only for the security they provide but because of the cost and ease of use. We have tried many different HIPAA compliant email solutions, and we have found this to be the best solution for HIPAA compliant email encryption.”

— Jason Karn, Chief Compliance Officer

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