Virtru for Google

Administrative Visibility and Control

Monitor and control access to your users’ sensitive data, perform e-discovery, and enforce encryption rules for specific groups of users.

Manage Secure Sharing Across Your Organization

See where sensitive emails travel, and manage encryption settings from a central dashboard.

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Virtru is Google’s recommended provider of email and file encryption in 

A Closer Look at Virtru’s Admin Features

Granular Insight and Control

See where information is shared, and revoke access at any point.

E-Discovery Support

Search, decrypt, and export archived Virtru messages directly from Google Vault.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Set rules to detect sensitive information and automatically enforce encryption rules.

Group Sharing & Configuration

Enable encryption and customize permissions for Google Groups, organizational units, and email aliases already set up on your G Suite domain.


The Complete Guide to Email Encryption for G Suite Administrators

Proven techniques and practical tips for securing your business in the cloud

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