Virtru for Google

Gmail Control

Virtru is Google’s recommended Gmail encryption provider. Set controls before sending messages and attachments, revoke access at any time, restrict forwarding, add PDF watermarks, and more.

Added Control for Your Emails

Specify who can access your emails and files directly from your compose window.

Recall Gmail Messages

Revoke access at any time – even after emails and files have been shared or opened.

Granular Gmail Insight and Control

Read Receipts

View when recipients have accessed your Gmail messages.

Audit and Restrict Resharing

See when and where people share your content, and prevent forwarding at any time.

Message Expiration

Restrict how long recipients can access your encrypted emails and files, either automatically via customizable policies, or on an ad-hoc per-message, per-user basis.

PDF Watermarking

Automatically watermark encrypted PDF attachments with each recipient’s email address.


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