Virtru Network Data Protection

Server-Side Encryption for Any Application

Automatically Protect Emails from Any Device

Virtru’s secure email gateway encrypts data before leaving or entering your domain, even if the sender does not have Virtru enabled. Use alongside Virtru client-side protection to ensure defense in depth.

A Closer Look at Virtru’s Network Data Protection

Outbound and Inbound Protection

Encrypt emails both leaving and entering your domain to ensure total security.

Centralized DLP Configuration

Set data loss prevention (DLP) rules to detect and automatically enforce encryption rules for emails leaving or entering your domain.

Easy Recipient Access

No software installation or new accounts required to access encrypted content.

Add Encryption to Your Applications

Integrate Virtru’s data protection and control to any web or server-side platform.

Inside Virtru’s Network Data Protection

Virtru’s secure email gateway sits at the server level to enforce encryption rules configured from your DLP dashboard. By securing content at the network level, Virtru’s server-side encryption complements your client-side Virtru plug-ins to ensure full protection for your organization.

“Virtru gave us a path toward a complete cloud migration. Now we’re using it to protect the privacy of our citizens statewide.”

—Susan Lyon, Google Cloud Manager,
The State of Maryland

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