HIPAA and CJIS Compliance for Government

Simple, cost-effective email and file encryption


Encrypt, Share and Control Sensitive Content in the Cloud

CJIS and HIPAA compliance pose many communication barriers for government in today's digital age.

As departments, agencies, and contractors continue to exchange criminal justice reports, citizen health information, and other sensitive content, they face severe penalties if they do not do so securely. Virtru Pros's email and file encryption helps you protect this regulated content both easily and cost-effectively.

By integrating with the email and file sharing services that government organizations already use, like G Suite, Gmail, and Outlook, Virtru Pro allows you to encrypt your data with the flip of a switch or automatically using Virtru DLP. This simplicity, combined with the power of data-centric encryption, simplifies CJIS and HIPAA compliance.

  • Take Control of Your Email

    Encrypt messages, disable forwarding, set expiration times, and watermark PDFs.

  • Revoke Messages Instantly

    Ever wish you could take back an email that you already sent? Now you can.

  • Rules Made for Compliance

    Use preset HIPAA rules or make your own to simplify compliance.

  • Govern Your Entire Organization

    A seamless dashboard experience let’s you track message flow, disable forwarding, and revoke messages for everyone in your organzation.

  • Watermark and Track PDFs

    Watermark PDFs with the recipient’s email address and monitor who shares your sensitive documents.

Virtru Pro is Great For:

  • Sharing Criminal Justice Information (CJI): Store and share CJI data using strong encryption. Store digital evidence in the cloud, share CJI data between departments, and retain control even after it's been shared.
  • Protecting Government HR: Allow HR professionals can process insurance claims and share sensitive employee info using their existing email and file sharing platforms.
  • Exchanging Protected Health Information (PHI): Enable HHS Departments and social services agencies to email online medical reports, social security numbers, and other health data directly to citizens, insurance vendors, and one another.
  • Securing Financial Data: Ensure tax reports, financial statements, and Comptroller information never gets accessed by unauthorized parties.

Email Encryption for Government Organizations

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