HIPAA Compliance

Why Virtru vs. Paubox for PHI and Supporting HIPAA Compliance

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption, security settings, granular access controls, identity authentication, and one-click secure patient access helps you meet compliance and go beyond it to meet your duty to protect sensitive data.

Unlike other email and data encryption solutions like Paubox, Virtru Secure Protected Health Information and Support HIPPA Compliance-thumbnail empowers organizations to:

  • Create encryption warnings to alert users before messages are sent to help train and increase awareness on data classified as PHI Or set up auto encryption if that is part of your company policy
  • Add customized DLP rules to detect PHI or other sensitive data you want to ensure gets encrypted
  • Full visibility to audit logs that show who has attempted to access data at any point in time and have the ability to take action at all times

Download the full data sheet to learn how Virtru can help your organization meet compliance and mitigate risk.

See How Virtru Enables Organizations to Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Easily Send and Receive HIPAA Compliant Gmail and Outlook Email

Send HIPAA compliant emails and attachments seamlessly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and mobile devices. Virtru fits within your current infrastructure so that you can take control of your PHI within minutes and ensure HIPAA email compliance.

  • End-to-end email encryption with one click.
  • Persistent protection for PHI and medical records.
  • No additional accounts or software needed for recipients.
  • Get a signed Business Associates Agreement (BAA).
hipaa compliant email

Keep PHI & Health Data Private and Secure, Wherever It’s Shared

Protected Outlook email for healthcare

Ensure Patient Confidentiality and Compliance

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption streamlines HIPAA compliance with the ability to encrypt emails and files shared with care providers, patients, and third parties—such as insurance companies—to keep data private and prevent leaks.

Host your own encryption keys for even greater control over PHI to prevent unauthorized access, including by your cloud provider.

Power Collaboration with Seamless and Secure PHI Sharing

Give employees and administrators easy-to-use data protection, embedded in existing applications.

Avoid complexities of S/MIME with transparent key exchanges that enable easy, secure data sharing with authorized parties and reduced overhead for administrators.

Enable seamless access for external providers, patients and other authorized recipients, without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software, for sharing workflows that support the rapid delivery of digital health services.

Secure Reader Authentication
outlook security settings

Maintain Control and Persistent Visibility

Enable secure sharing across distributed provider teams with attribute-based access controls (ABAC).

Control PHI wherever it’s shared with instant access revocation, expiration, disable forwarding, and document watermarking capabilities.

View who has accessed PHI, when, where, and for how long to streamline HIPAA audits. Integrate with your SIEM for advanced threat analysis.

Request and Receive Files from Anyone through Your Own Personal Link

Improve patient care and engagement, exceed HIPAA requirements, and collect the sensitive data you need with Virtru’s secure file transfer capability, including:

  • Requesting patient records from other healthcare providers
  • Receiving files to collaborate on patient care
  • Requesting general PII and PHI from new or ongoing patients
screenshot of the Virtru Secure Share welcome page

“We quickly settled on Virtru as a partner – they had the key functionality we were looking for, which was end-to-end encryption and seamless integration with G Suite.”

Patrick Curry, VP IT & Security, Omaha Health


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