Keep PHI Private with Data-Centric Security and Unmatched Ease of Use

Virtru gives hospitals, health and insurance organizations, and patients persistent data protection and control with a seamless user experience to optimize care.

Optimize Healthcare Outcomes with Persistent Protection and Control

Healthcare enterprises are responsible for some of the most valuable data in any industry. PHI breaches put healthcare organizations on the hook for massive HIPAA noncompliance fines while violating patient privacy. Sharing health data is essential to optimizing care outcomes, yet traditional protections offer poor experiences for users and administrators that hamper adoption and exacerbate risk.

Virtru’s data-centric approach and seamless user experience give healthcare organizations and their patients the persistent protection and control they need to keep PHI private. By encrypting PHI right where your users already work, Virtru keeps health data private, letting healthcare organizations and their patients take back control of their data and improve healthcare outcomes.

“We quickly settled on Virtru as a partner – they had the key functionality we were looking for, which was end-to-end encryption and seamless integration with G Suite.”


Patrick Curry, VP IT & Security, Omada Health

Data Privacy with True Ease of Use for Improved Care

True Privacy

Keep PHI and confidential data private, wherever it’s shared, to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Ease of Use

Ensure adoption with seamless user experiences, embedded where your users already work.

Care Optimization

Facilitate seamless, secure patient communications for efficiency and care improvements.

Data-Centric Security for Privacy and Optimal Care

Secure, Seamless PHI Sharing Workflows

Enable data sharing between care providers, insurance companies, and patients with end-to-end protection that travels with your data, wherever it goes.

Give healthcare administrators, employees, and patients true ease of use, with protection and control embedded in the applications where they already work.

Reinforce Care and Improve Outcomes

Communicate securely via email to support seamless patient access to health data without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software installation.

Reduce IT complexity for administrators while increasing patient engagement and read rates for better care coordination and reimbursement.

Persistent Protection, Control, and Audit

Encrypt emails and files at the object level and set granular access control policies.

Revoke access instantly, set expiration dates, disable forwarding, and watermark attachments to prevent data leaks.

Audit who has accessed PHI, when, where, and for how long, and integrate with your SIEM to flag unusual activity.

Trusted by Care Providers, Health Systems, Digital Health Companies, and Thousands of Other Organizations

Learn How Easy Protection and Control for PHI Is With Virtru

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“Virtru’s end-to-end protection and ease of use empowers us to share information without worrying whether the data is secure.” – Bill Dougherty, VP of Security, Omada Health

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