For individuals and businesses, Virtru works within existing email systems for simple yet powerful security

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Airtight email encryption

Just flip the switch to send secure. When you hit send, Virtru wraps your content in a locked encryption. Only you and the recipient have the key to decrypt.

Choose when your email expires

You can set an expiration date for your email, even down to the minute. And reset it whenever you want, so your private information is always in your hands.

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Take back your emails

You can revoke access to your emails at any time, so you never have to think twice about hitting send.

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Simple to receive

When your recipient opens the email, they verify their identity in a couple clicks, with no software installation required.

Business Solutions

  • End-to-end email and file encryption
  • Customer-managed encryption keys
  • Send to anyone – no manual keys to exchange, no portals
  • Revoke, expire, forwarding control, read receipts, PDF watermarking
  • Data loss prevention to detect and protect sensitive content
  • CJIS, HIPAA, CFPB, ITAR and Other Regulations

Our end-to-end encryption technology

When you send messages with Virtru, your emails and files are locked using strong encryption. Only you and your recipients can decrypt your messages—Virtru can never see your content.

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