Virtru works like magic

But magic requires some serious technology

Virtru's Encryption Architecture

The power of Virtru comes from a unique combination of strong encryption, granular privacy controls, and ease of use. Virtru never has access to your content. Your emails and attachments are encrypted right on your device and then sent directly to your intended recipient.

Virtru’s architecture is underpinned by three foundational elements: the (1) open Trusted Data Format (TDF) standard, (2) strong, on-device encryption, and (3) patented technology that allows you to use your existing online identity to authenticate yourself.

The Trusted Data Format (TDF)

At the core of Virtru-enabled applications is the Trusted Data Format (TDF), which allows fine grained access control for all file types (ie, emails, text messages, Office files, pdfs, photos, videos). The TDF format, invented by Virtru co-founder Will Ackerly, wraps and protects content and communicates with VIrtru-enabled key stores which maintain access privileges. When you send a Virtru-protected message, your content is encrypted and secured inside a TDF wrapper. When your receiver attempts to open it, the wrapper communicates with the Virtru server to verify that the receiver is eligible to see the information.

Strong Encryption, Right on Your Device

Each Virtru protected message is secured with the most advanced encryption standard available - per message Rijndael using 256-bit AES keys. Using Virtru software installed on your browser or mobile app, your content is encrypted before it leaves your device.

No one, except you and your intended recipient, has access to your content.

When the key leaves your device, Virtru protects the encryption keys with perfect forward secrecy.

Each email or file has its own unique key, which is stored in and protected by a keystore in the cloud. By default, the Virtru keystore is used, but advanced users will be able to operate their own key stores. If you are interested in operating a Virtru enabled keystore, click here.

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Strong Encryption

Identity Management Made Easy

With Virtru, you use your existing email address. Virtru's patented identity management technology uses OpenID and OAuth, open protocols widely-adopted throughout industry, to verify your identity with your existing email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft). Its that easy. No new accounts. No new passwords.

Virtru's Commitment to Open Source

First and foremost, Virtru is a digital privacy company. Privacy is based on confidence, and confidence is based on openness and transparency. Virtru is committed to open source and open standards. Our technology is based on open standards like the Trusted Data Format (TDF).

Wherever possible we open source key elements of our technology. Our open source key store will allow anyone to have full control over the storage and protection of their own keys. Additionally, we plan to open source our free browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox, as well as our Android app.

TDF Wikipedia page

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