Concerned About Exposing Protected Health Information (PHI)?

Virtru gives you persistent control over patient PHI, wherever it goes, to preserve confidentiality and trust. Never worry about disclosure of billing statements, claims, test results, x-ray images, or emails.

“We have found Virtru to be thebest solution for HIPAA compliant email encryption.”

— Jason Karn, Chief Compliance Officer


We believe that protecting your patients information should be easy. Virtru works inside your existing email clients to protect your data no matter where it goes.

Ease of Use

Protect emails with a simple toggle. Automatically detect when emails contain PHI and enforce encryption and control policies.

Protection and Control

Maintain patient privacy without burdening IT. Protect and control access to PHI both internally and externally.

Cross-platform Support

Give out-of-network providers, payers, and insurance providers secure access to patient records and claims for more efficient care.

End-to-End Encrypt and Protect PHI and Other Confidential Information with One Click


Revoke or expire access and disable forwarding, either on-demand or automatically via custom policies, to protect PHI even after it’s opened or shared.

Set rules to automatically enforce HIPAA, FERPA, and other security and compliance policies.

Automatically watermark confidential reports, scripts, and other data with recipient email addresses to protect confidential information.

Auto-generate an audit trail to see where sensitive content is shared, and revoke access at any point.

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