Overcome the Failures of Legacy Encryption

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S/MIME, PGP, and portal-based encryption don’t meet modern needs. Where they fail, Virtru succeeds with ease of use and end-to-end protection that provides unmatched visibility and control.

5 Ways Legacy Encryption is Failing You 

User Experience

Recipient friction, weak customization, black box security, and keywords make using S/MIME, PGP, and portal encryption painful.

Audit and Access Control

Legacy encryption offers narrow, rigid DLP controls that aren’t available to end-users. Limited visibility into who has accessed content weakens audit capabilities.


Legacy encryption set-up and management is time and complex, and DLP relies completely on the administrator.



S/MIME and PGP don’t ensure integrity, making them vulnerable to exploits like efail. Portal encryption security is not end-to-end and doesn’t give full control of encryption keys, requiring trust in third parties.

Internal Sharing Controls

Portals don’t offer internal protections that prevent unauthorized sharing between insiders.

Virtru: Superior Ease of Use, Audit and Control

Seamless User Experience

Simple recipient access, rich customization features, and simple on-demand encryption for a seamless user experience.

Audit and Access Control

Real-time, flexible DLP controls for both admins and end-users, with full visibility into who has accessed content for audit reporting.

Painless Administration

Simple set-up with predefined rule templates for rapid time-to-value, and easy ongoing management to reduce support costs.


End-to-End Security

Client-side encryption that gives full control of encryption keys, prevents unauthorized access, and never requires blind trust in third parties.

Internal Sharing Controls

Integrated DLP detects and protects sensitive content shared internally without adding extra steps for end-users.

“We had a few different legacy solutions that had been attempted over the years, but they were so cumbersome that no one really used them… at the end of the day, [Virtru] is simple encryption that’s as good as PGP (if not better).”

Ken Kurz

Vice President of IT and CIO,


“We had experience with a traditional, portal-based email encryption product, but our users found this mechanism far too cumbersome… With Virtru, we found a solution that was easy enough to ensure widespread adoption.”

Mike Dieterich

Director of IT and Security,

Brown University

“With other systems… the content and its attachments are exposed and vulnerable. With Virtru enabled, emails and attachments are protected the second you begin created a message. There’s never a situation where your data is exposed.”

Bill DoughertyBill Dougherty

Vice President of IT and Security,

Omada Health

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