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Legacy approaches don’t support the on-demand, collaborative, and digital-first needs of the modern enterprise. Where legacy solutions fail, Virtru excels by focusing on ease-of-use, interoperability, and zero trust security that preserves control.

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To achieve ubiquity, protected data must be consumable on any platform or device without need for software installation, specialized expertise or credentials.

Control After Sharing

The data owner must always be in control, even after content is shared. Sharing should be auditable and access privilege should be revocable and expirable.

Easy for Data Creators

Content protection should be frictionless for end users.

Easy for Data Consumers

Anyone, or any system, should be able to consume protected content — without friction.

Zero Vendor Trust

The data owner must never be forced to trust a third party provider (or anyone else) with their data or keys to their data.

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