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Migrating to Google? Protect Sensitive Data with Virtru.

Organizations of all sizes are migrating from Microsoft to Google. And with Virtru, you can ensure your data remains fully protected and under your control at all times. Virtru provides advanced data security across Gmail, Google Drive, Google Workspace, and beyond — and we support Google Client-Side Encryption as a Key Management Partner.

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“Virtru was chosen over other competitors because of the advanced security features that ultimately improved our security posture throughout [our cloud] migration.”

Ken Cheney
Acting CIO, Maryland Dept. of Education

Strengthen Security Across Your Google Ecosystem

Virtru's data-centric security solutions meet you where you work, allowing you to protect data directly from your Google apps.

Virtru for Gmail is an easy-to-install Chrome plugin that puts client-side controls in the hands of users, allowing them to encrypt emails with one click.  Photo of a woman sending a secure message on her phone
Virtru customers are using Google + Virtru for highly confidential data protection needs, including compliance with regulations like CMMC 2.0, ITAR, CJIS, GLBA, FTC Safeguards, and many more.  Default
Virtru is one of a select few trusted encryption key managers that Google has chosen to support Client-Side Encryption (CSE) for Gmail and Workspace. But, with Virtru, you get so much more than just key management. You get granular, data-centric controls and access governance capabilities.  A woman stands in a data center with a tablet. An icon depicting keys appears on the right side.
Admins can take control of external file sharing in Google Drive without limiting collaboration. Virtru Secure Share integrates with Google Drive to allow encrypted file sharing with external parties without adding them to your Google Drive environment. Google Drive-Secure-Share-Product
Virtru's server-side security product, the Virtru Data Protection Gateway, can automate encryption and decryption flows behind the scenes, heightening security across your organization. You can use the Gateway for archiving, auditing, and simply protecting data without involvement by the end user. 
Photo of a woman sending a secure message on her phone Default A woman stands in a data center with a tablet. An icon depicting keys appears on the right side. Google Drive-Secure-Share-Product

With Virtru, you can:

Migrate to Google Cloud Securely

When you're migrating data to the cloud, data security should be a priority from the beginning. Virtru's FedRAMP-authorized platform and key hosting options allow you to take control and shield your data from all third parties, including Google and Virtru.

Use Your Google Cloud Commit

Virtru is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, so Google Cloud customers can make the most of their commit dollars by layering powerful security into their cloud tech stack.

Empower Teams with Easy Tools

If you're moving to Google Cloud, you want to preserve that simple, elegant user experience that Google is famous for. Virtru plugs into the Google interface seamlessly, without added friction for admins, users, or recipients.

Discover how your organization can apply a layer of Zero Trust, data-centric security across your ecosystem

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