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Data-Centric Security and Encryption for Gmail and Beyond

A longtime Google partner, Virtru integrates directly with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Workspace for military-grade data security, privacy, and access control — without hindering ease of collaboration.

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Send Secure Email in Gmail, Secure Files in Google Drive

Virtru's data protection extends across the Google landscape and beyond, protecting sensitive data wherever it moves.

Virtru's Chrome plugin for Gmail provides granular data access controls directly within the Gmail interface for Google business email encryption. Users and admins can choose how long sensitive data can be accessed, as well as revoke access any time. Customers also love using Virtru, making it the best email encryption for Gmail. Photo of a woman sending an encrypted email on her cellphone
Admins, rejoice: Virtru Secure Share gives users a simple way to encrypt and share sensitive files from Google Drive while still allowing you to keep external Drive sharing turned off. No unnecessary access to your Drive instance, plus greater admin visibility into file sharing externally. Google Drive-Secure-Share-Product
Google Client-Side Encryption (CSE) for Gmail and Workspace provides a way for you to shield sensitive information from Google. With the Virtru Private Keystore, you can host your encryption keys separately from your data for greater control and data sovereignty.  A woman stands in a server room with a tablet. An icon of a set of keys appears on the right.
Virtru's server-side data protection solution, the Virtru Data Protection Gateway, runs in the background, invisible to the user. You can configure the Gateway to automatically encrypt or decrypt certain information for auditing, tracking, and compliant workflows.  Default
Photo of a woman sending an encrypted email on her cellphone Google Drive-Secure-Share-Product A woman stands in a server room with a tablet. An icon of a set of keys appears on the right. Default
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Privacy-Enhanced Collaboration in Google Workspace

Seamless Deployment

Deploy to all users, or specific groups or OUs, via managed Chrome installs to get users up and running in minutes.

Granular Audit & SIEM Integration

Maintain visibility of who has accessed or forwarded your organization’s email throughout their lifecycle. Integrate with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and compliance workflows.

Automatic, Rules-Based Protection

Automatically enforce encrypted Gmail emails with DLP rules that detect and protect sensitive data. Reinforce security awareness with alerts that warn users to encrypt email.

Key Management at Scale

Integrate with existing key management processes and HSMs. Host your own keys for full control, while Virtru manages policies and key exchanges.

Google Vault Support

Search, decrypt, and export archived messages directly from Google Vault.

Google Business Email Encryption

Organizations have different Gmail security needs than individuals. For Google mail, encrypted email is a valuable tool that can support compliance with tough regulations like CMMC, ITAR, CJIS, and more.