Google Drive Encryption, Recommended by Google

Ensure privacy and prevent data leaks with end-to-end, layered protection for any file type.

Persistent Protection, Wherever Your Drive Files Go

End-to-End Drive Encryption

Encrypt files before they ever reach Google’s servers.

Corporate Privacy

Preserve the confidentiality of Drive files. Google and other third parties can never access your sensitive company data.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet requirements for the most stringent regulations, including CJIS and EAR.

Customer-Hosted Encryption Keys

Get complete control of the encryption keys that secure your Drive files with Virtru Customer Key Server (CKS).

Files are encrypted during upload to ensure privacy and compliance.

Powerful Access Controls

Control any file by expiring access, disabling sharing, and instantly revoking access.

Document Watermarking

Add watermarks to documents to prevent data exfiltration activity.

Policy Enforcement

Set and manage policies that automatically enforce encryption by Group, OU, user, Team Drive, or subfolder.

Controlled External Collaboration

Keep control, even when sharing beyond Google. Enable secure access for external collaborators without losing control via risky open share links.

“Content collaboration introduces new opportunities for inappropriate behavior that don’t exist with traditional computing. Open shares can be an especially pernicious risk.”

What You Need to Know About Security in G Suite, Steve Riley, April 2016

Fine-Grained Audit Visibility

Granular Audit

Visibility into where your protected files go, who has accessed and shared them, and their version history.

SIEM Integration

Integrate with any SIEM to flag unusual encryption, decryption, and access activity.

eDiscovery and Archiving

Facilitate eDiscovery requests with support for Google Vault, encrypted search, and bulk decrypt capabilities.

Feed Virtru data access logs to your SIEM for holistic security intelligence.

Protecting Any File Type Is As Easy as Using Google Drive

Seamless, persistent protection based on the Trusted Data Format (TDF) open standard.

Seamless User Experience

Surprisingly easy file protection, embedded directly into Drive’s native user interface. No new software or applications.

Secure Collaboration

Share encrypted Drive files anywhere – with Microsoft users or anyone else – and maintain control, without forcing collaborators to create new Google accounts.

Painless Administration

Installs in minutes for rapid time to value. Ease of use reduces help-desk calls and promotes user adoption.

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