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Data Sharing, Privacy, and Protection. Secured.

Safeguard Your Data Everywhere It’s Shared and Stored

Data flows in and out of your organization at a high velocity. While popular email providers offer some native security features, an additional layer of data protection is necessary to collaborate with confidence.

Virtru provides flexible, easy-to-use, and trusted data protection technology that governs access to data throughout its lifecycle, even after it’s been shared. Our data-centric model protects the data itself—each individual file, email, or other data element—which can help you minimize the impacts of a data breach. Take a tour of all the possibilities with Virtru email and data encryption as a part of your security strategy.



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How Could a Data Breach Impact Your Organization?

Any time there’s a data breach, there are financial consequences. The average cost of a data breach is over $3.5 Million. In addition to noncompliance penalties and fines, consider these impacts:

Lost business

often accounts for the bulk of breach costs because it includes high customer turnover and brand damages that hinder new growth.

Operational disruptions

including process breakdowns and lost employee productivity that could affect over half the business’s annual income.

Reactive costs

including notifying individuals whose data was breached and hiring external experts to help resolve the breach and repair brand image.

Civil damages

for individual victims and their PII, and class action lawsuits are becoming one of the most expensive consequences of a breach.

Theft of trade secrets and intellectual property (IP)

can significantly derail business growth, competitive differentiation, and future sales.

Risk of job termination

for those in charge of and most tied to data, security, and IT and potential company-wide employee turnover.

End-to-End Encryption to Protect Data Everywhere It’s Shared and Stored


Secure your Email and Files

Virtru’s data protection and access controls safeguard your data, giving you the ability to revoke access to an email or file at any time.


Protect Data End-to-End

Take a data-centric cybersecurity approach that applies additional layers of security to valuable data, beyond the perimeter.


Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Virtru is a cloud enabler: We help you confidently move to the cloud and maintain control of your data.

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Virtru is Google’s recommended provider of email and file encryption in Google-Workspace-white-sm