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It Takes a Village: How a Healthcare Startup Built a Security-Forward Culture

Wednesday, 26 April 2023 | 11 AM EST

Traditional, trickle-down data security puts the responsibility of data protection only in the hands of designated users in specific roles — but what if organizations could bring more flexibility and autonomy to individuals at all levels of the organization? What if everyone had the tools they needed to protect sensitive information, regardless of their role?   

That’s what Will Butler, Senior Product Support Manager of Equip Health, is doing. Join us for a dynamic discussion with a quickly growing healthcare startup that’s empowering every team member with easy tools for protecting patient health data — plus putting automated systems in place to catch any mistakes. As a result of his multi-layered approach, Will is already seeing a big impact on the patient experience, and on the teams who now have multiple security tools built into their daily workflows. 

Meet our Speakers:


Will Butler
Senior Manager, Product Support
Equip Health


Andrew Lynch
Vice President, Sales

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone on the front lines of cybersecurity and data privacy -- from practitioners to executives
  • Governance and compliance specialists

What you’ll hear about:

  • How Equip Health builds trust with patients when they need it most by protecting data at every step of the customer journey-and why this is so important to Equip Health's mission of caring for young people with eating disorders. 
  • Methods for securing externally shared data with patients and healthcare organizations
  • Why they empower their employees at every level to protect sensitive data, even those who don't typically work with PHI
  • How domain-wide protections safeguard data flowing in and out of your organization through different channels (SMS, house-built records management system, email, gateway, etc.) 
  • What Equip Health has learned that can help viewers secure their own evolving tech stack. 

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