Enterprise Data Privacy: Enabling the Digital Transformation

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Why the digital transformation makes an enterprise-wide data privacy strategy essential.

Data is the lifeblood of digital businesses; protecting it from theft, misuse, and abuse is the top responsibility of every security and privacy leader. Hacked customer data can erase millions in profits, stolen IP can destroy competitive advantage, and privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny, regulatory fines, and damaged reputations. Security and privacy pros must ensure that security travels with the data across the business ecosystem, position data security and privacy as competitive differentiators, and build a new kind of customer relationship.

Let this report guide a strategy around data security and privacy that will help your enterprise thrive in today’s digital transformation.


“Secure sharing without slowing down or putting up barriers for users can help business get done quickly and efficiently for faster innovation and more productivity that ultimately drives growth and ROI.”

How data privacy drives business growth, strengthens customer relationships, and differentiates your brand.

Why the new business landscape requires a fundamental shift from network protection to a data-centric security approach.

How to implement Forrester’s Data Security and Control Framework to protect and control your data wherever it goes.

Report Date: August 2018

Virtru is a data privacy company that protects your organization’s data, wherever it goes. Using a data-centric security approach, Virtru brings persistent protection and control to the platforms where your data is stored and shared, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Virtru helps protect thousands of companies’ data, including HBO, WeWork, and the Associated Press.

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