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Automate HIPAA-Compliant Email with Virtru and Nightfall

Healthcare workers have never been more time-constrained. Equip your team to share information quickly and confidently with automated, HIPAA compliant email protection from Virtru and Nightfall.

Easy, HIPAA-Compliant Email Security for Busy Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are busy — and in this field of work, every moment counts. While complying with HIPAA is certainly important, it’s not always top of mind.

With Virtru and Nightfall, healthcare workers don’t even need to give HIPAA compliant email a second thought: Our data protection integrates directly within your existing email system, allowing healthcare professionals to share information via email workflows, with the confidence that PII and PHI will be automatically protected. As a result, healthcare providers can focus on their top priority: Treating patients.


Detect and Protect PHI in Email, Anywhere and Everywhere.

Nightfall’s DLP engine identifies PHI in emails and automatically triggers Virtru to encrypt relevant messages and related attachments, ensuring easy HIPAA compliance.

Once email data is protected by Virtru, it remains protected forever, regardless of where the email travels — whether to patients, third party providers, or other recipients. Virtru’s encryption secures data at the object-level, which prevents third party providers and malicious actors from ever getting access to a patient’s PHI shared via email.

More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for their data security and privacy protection.


Prevent Healthcare Workers from Accidentally Sending Emails that Leak PHI

Automatically apply HIPAA-compliant email security, every time a healthcare worker sends an email.

Ready to implement seamless, automated, HIPAA-compliant email security with Virtru and Nightfall?