Comprehensive Cloud Email Protection from Virtru and Area 1 Security

Seamless end-to-end encryption combined with advanced cloud email security for complete inbound and outbound email protection.
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Best-of-Breed Email Encryption and Security

The increase of sensitive data stored and shared via email, combined with the growing prevalence of phishing attacks, exacerbate cybersecurity risks. Phishing is the root cause of 95% of breaches, while poor visibility and control of cloud email create data governance challenges for 90% of organizations. Traditional approaches come up short, missing phishing campaigns and preventing organizations from controlling and monitoring email once it’s shared.

Virtru and Area 1 Security deliver seamless, end-to-end encryption and advanced cloud email security for maximum security ROI, protecting organizations from phishing attacks while keeping email contents protected everywhere they’re shared. Area 1 protects against email threats by preemptively stopping phishing and targeted attacks across email, social, web, and network vectors. Virtru protects messages and attachments through end-to-end encryption and granular controls, providing control and visibility beyond the inbox everywhere they’re shared.

Strengthen Your Email Security Posture and Ensure Privacy and Compliance


End-to-End Email Security

Area 1 protects against phishing, business email compromise, and advanced inbound threats while Virtru protects email messages and attachments from unauthorized access throughout its lifecycle.


Granular Visibility and Control

Area 1’s detailed detection forensics and Autonomous Phish SOC improve security response times while Virtru’s granular access controls and persistent visibility ensure data governance.


Maximum Security ROI

Easy deployments get customers up and running in minutes while cloud-native infrastructure protects organizations from phishing attacks that email gateways and cloud email suites miss. Seamless administration and user experiences help your organization maximize security ROI.

Seamless End-to-End Encryption Combined with Advanced Cloud Email Security

Virtru Protects Email Everywhere It’s Shared

End-to-End Encryption, Persistent Controls

Encrypt email within the client, ensuring only authorized users can access private, regulated data shared via email. Disable forwarding, set expiration, and apply watermarks and persistent protection to prevent leaked attachments. Revoke access at any time.

Granular Audit

View who has accessed or shared email, when, where, and for how long. Logs of all events, including protection, controls, sharing, access, and administrative activity, are available for export and integration with SIEM tools for advanced forensic analysis and remediation.

Gmail message protected by Virtru with controls
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Area 1 Ensures Comprehensive Security for Your Inbox

Preemptive Phishing and Active Fraud Prevention

Stop phishing attacks with preemptive threat detection. Massive-scale phish indexing and advanced machine learning algorithms including small pattern analytics accurately detect active fraud campaigns before they do harm. 

Autonomous Phish SOC

End-to-end detection-to-response capabilities decrease incident triage time by up to 90%. Perform native threat response with built-in Message Retraction or create custom response playbooks with easy SIEM and SOAR integrations.

More than 7,000 customers trust Virtru for data security and privacy protection.

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