Virtru and FireEye

Email Protection and Monitoring

FireEye and Virtru have partnered to foster secure collaboration by enabling persistent protection, control, and visibility of sensitive email and file attachments as they travel in and out of your environment.

As content is created and shared in the cloud, security teams maintain granular visibility of who has accessed protected data when, where, and for how long.

How Does it Work?

FireEye Email Security (EX) incorporates Virtru’s object-level encryption to enable easy, secure sharing of emails and attachments, proactively scanning content and applying data-centric protection before it leaves your network.

Vitru offers advanced rights management options that enforce data access levels based on corporate privacy policies. You can detect sensitive content then disable forwarding, set access expiration, and watermark file attachments to prevent data exfiltration activities.

Virtru event logs integrate with FireEye Helix for strengthened security orchestration. By combining Virtru’s data-centric protection with Helix’s threat analytics, security teams can automatically remediate email threat incidents, for example, by revoking data with access attempts from a hostile IP range or former employee.

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