Virtru and WIREWHEEL

Protecting the Integrity and Privacy of Personal Data


As compliance regulations and data privacy laws become increasingly more stringent and individuals’ expectations for how their personal data is collected, processed and shared rise, organizations need new solutions to protect personal information.

Virtru and WireWheel have partnered to provide the first end-to-end method of securing personal data shared between companies and consumers. The joint solution encrypts personal information at every stage of the data supply chain, helping organizations stay productive while reducing their risk and remaining in compliance with regulations such as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and the UK’s General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).

How Does it Work?

Privacy practices, enabled by WireWheel, make sure information is collected and processed legally and fairly. Security controls, provided by Virtru, reduce risk of unauthorized access and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of information wherever it resides.

WireWheel’s platform establishes an efficient, automated, secure, flexible, and continuous process to handle the volume of Subject Rights Requests (SRRs) most B2C companies experience. Using machine learning for data discovery and classification, it provides insight into an organization’s data management architecture, along with the context and control required to make privacy management decisions. It also identifies what data is collected, processed, and stored, where it is stored and computed, and what third parties are doing with it.

Virtru’s persistent protection, access and discovery tools, and key management completes the solution by ensuring no one except the requester and the organization have access to their data. When Virtru’s Data Protection Platform is embedded, data is sent securely and encrypted all the way from request to delivery.


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