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FREEpersonal use only
Client-Side Email Encryption
Client-Side Email Encryption: Encrypt messages before they leave your device to prevent third parties and service providers from accessing your data.
Client-Side Email Attachment Encryption
Client-Side Email Attachment Encryption: Encrypt attachments before they leave your device to prevent third parties and service providers from accessing your data.
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Search Encrypted Content
Search Encrypted Content: Search your encrypted emails without giving access to third parties.
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All Basic Features
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance: Meet HIPAA, CFPB, CJIS, and other regulation requiring encryption. 10 seat minimum for signed BAA.
Revoke Messages
Revoke Messages: Revoke access to encrypted emails even after they've been read.
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Expire Messages
Expire Messages: Prevent recipients from reading encrypted emails after a certain period of time.
Control Forwarding
Control Forwarding: See where your emails are forwarded, disable forwarding at any time, or revoke content even after it's been forwarded.
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Read Receipts
Read Receipts: See when recipients read your encrypted emails.
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PDF Watermarking
PDF Watermarking: Individually watermark your encrypted PDF attachments with each recipient’s email address.
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Administrative Dashboard
Administrative Dashboard: Manage licenses for your organization and see where users share encrypted content.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Rules
Data Loss Prevention Rules: Detect and automatically protect sensitive emails and attachments.
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Distribution Group & Alias Support
Distribution Group & Alias Support: Send encrypted emails to group and alias accounts already configured on your domain. G Suite only.
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All Pro Features
Customer-Hosted Keys
Customer-Hosted Keys: Maintain complete and exclusive access to the encryption keys protecting your Virtru-encrypted data.
Server-Side Gateway
Server-Side Gateway: Encrypt and protect emails and attachments before they leave your organization, even when sent from non-Virtru enabled devices.
Custom Recipient Template
Custom Recipient Template: Add your organization’s logo and branding to the encrypted emails that your recipients see.
Virtru SDK
Virtru SDK: Add easy-to-use encryption to your internal applications and workflows.
Google Vault E-Discovery Support
Google Vault E-Discovery Support: Search and decrypt encrypted emails directly from Google Vault.
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Virtru HIPAA Compliance Package

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Email and Attachment Encryption

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HIPAA Rule Pack to automatically detect and protect PHI

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