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Private Email for Human
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Protect confidential employee information


Protection for You and Your Organization

HR departments are responsible for protecting employee private information — SSN’s, I-9’s, ID’s, compensation data, and more. Aside from the moral responsibility of handling someone else’s personal information, there are real consequences if this data is compromised.

The reality is a lot of this information needs to be transferred both internally and externally and given today’s environment, data-centric encryption is a must. Most email encryption solutions are clunky, expensive, and difficult to use. And even when an external receiver handles the encryption for you, portals can still be a pretty cumbersome process.

Luckily, Virtru Pro makes it easy for HR professionals to exchange private email securely.

Virtru Pro is Great For:

  • Human resources-to-employee communications including all the information shared during the hiring process and employment tenure
  • Human resources-to-legal communications, such as legal documents and case information
  • Human resources-to-finance communications including compensation documents and payroll information
  • Human resources-to-third party communications, including emails to insurance companies and benefits providers

“With a growing base of 750 employees, the amount of sensitive data we work with is only increasing. With Virtru, our employees have been able to rest easy that their sensitive data will remain safe no matter where it goes — and no matter how quickly the company continues to grow.”

— Matthew Joseph, FIG & OLIVE

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Virtru Pro Allows HR Professionals to Easily Send and Receive Private Emails

With Virtru Pro, human resource managers can send private emails, revoke sent messages, restrict forwarding, and set emails and files to auto-delete. Confidential information sent to colleagues and clients remains private, audit-ready, and protected.

Virtru Pro works with all major email systems and is especially well-suited to organizations using cloud-based email providers such as Gmail, G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365.


  • Easy for the sender: One click to encrypt. Works with existing email addresses, devices, and tools.
  • Easy for the receiver: No software to install, no portals, no new accounts.
  • Data-centric encryption: Only you and your intended recipients can decrypt. No service provider, including Virtru, has access to your content.
  • Features Virtru DLP which detects sensitive content and either auto-encrypts or warns you.
  • Users and admins can revoke a message at any time, even after it’s been opened.
  • See and control where messages are forwarded. Set expiration dates.
  • Installs in minutes. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, iOS, and Android.
  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Search your encrypted emails without giving access to third parties.
  • Easily watermark PDFs and view read receipts for hte emails you send.

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