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Virtrue Secure Share for Zendesk

Close tickets faster by easily and securely exchanging sensitive customer info.

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Close support tickets faster by making it easier to securely exchange sensitive information with customers - without ever leaving Zendesk. Virtru Secure Share for Zendesk lets you share encrypted files of nearly any size and creates a safe space for your customers to submit confidential information to you, encrypted and linked directly to their ticket. Everyone maintains control over their own data - with the ability to revoke access at any time - so information can flow freely. This means you can resolve customer issues faster and deliver amazing customer service, all without compromising security.

  • Completely Zendesk native. Use it the same way you use Zendesk
  • Deliver a better customer experience by giving customers the confidence to share sensitive information with you
  • Reduce bottlenecks and delays in workflows by linking encrypted data directly to tickets
  • Maintain control of shared sensitive data, even if it leaves Zendesk


Zendesk Account 

Virtru account with Secure Share 

Virtru account with Secure Share App Connector

Security & Compliance

  • SOC2

 For more information on Virtru’s security & compliance, visit us at: https://trust.virtru.com/

How to Install 

ZenDesk App Install

  1. Click Install above and select the ZenDesk tenant you wish to install to.
  2. After install, select if you want to restrict this app to any user/group/role within your organization.
  3. Your users are now all set to start sharing sensitive data with any of your other agents or customers!  Now let's move on to enable their ability to securely collect sensitive data as well. 


API Authorization

  1. Click here to go to your Zendesk API admin section.  From here you will first need to make sure “Token access” is enabled.
  2. Now, you need to click “Add API Token”, give it a description of “Virtru Secure Share” and click “Copy” to store that token in your clipboard.
  3. Finish the API Authorization step by Clicking Save and then click this link to securely share this token with the Virtru SecureShare team. <insert secure share instruction video>
    1. In the “Encrypted Message” section of this link be sure to include the following information:
      1. The API token you just created
      2. The email address associated with your ZenDesk Full Admin account.
      3. The ZenDesk tenant you wish to enable this for
    2. Click Share
  4. <all the stuff in the middle>
  5. Our staff is now going to process your request and you will receive an email with confirmation or additional tasks.  This can take anywhere from 1-2 business days
  6. Your users are now all set to both securely share and request sensitive information from anyone without ever leaving ZenDesk!

If you encounter any trouble during this process, please email us at: support@virtru.com


Free to install

Virtru & Zendesk plans required


Secure Share

File Sharing 

Premium Connector


V1.0.0 Release Note

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