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Securely Create and Consume Sensor Data with Virtru

Protect & Synchronize Technical Intelligence Collections with Virtru for Richer Situational Awareness

The ability to quickly, securely, and appropriately share data with external partners is critical to mission success. This is increasingly true with the rise of distributed workforces, and it is even more so for teams deployed into hostile, emergency, or disaster environments, where new information can emerge and change rapidly. Whether sharing data with a colleague on the other side of the planet or with coalition partners in the same field, federal data owners must have tools at their disposal that ensure timely access to data that is limited to those teammates and partners who should have access. Further, when collecting and analyzing aggregated data, often of different types and from different sources, recipients must have tools at their disposal to verify the integrity of the data as well as the identity of the sender. Federal organizations need a way to encrypt sensor data even in the most challenging of environments.

The Virtru Trusted Data Platform (TDP) tackles the challenges associated with secure data collection, rapid intelligence production, and controlled dissemination by encrypting sensor data from the moment it's created, with cryptographic enforcement of access control policy as defined by the data owner (originator). This solution brief will detail how the components of the Virtru TDP work in concert to not only ensure data protection across the intelligence cycle but, through the trust built on the foundation of protection, also unlock insights that can only be gained through enhanced collaboration across teams and coalitions.

With Virtru’s TDF platform running onboard sensors as they collect data, ownership and control can be exerted wherever this data is used. This allows a single pane of glass to view data from multiple sources, with each relevant consumer only able to access data that they rightfully should. Download the white paper to discover how your organization can encrypt sensor data across a variety of scenarios to enable this secure visibility.

Encrypt Sensor Data with Virtru Trusted Data Format

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to enable Zero Trust data protection for sensor data across a variety of situations and applications
  • How to leverage policy tagging and attribute-based access control (ABAC) to protect data in low-bandwidth environments and low-storage devices
  • Methods for developing a secure common operating picture across organizations
  • How to maintain dynamic control over access to individual pieces of data in real time