Case Study

ComforCare Entrusts Virtru to Safeguard PHI

ComforCare is a premier provider of home care services for all ages, allowing clients to live their best lives possible – in the comfort of their own homes. They used Virtru to provide end-to-end encryption when migrating its central and franchised offices to G Suite.

Nathan West, Director of Technology at ComforCare, explains the process and the challenges of migrating large amounts of protected health information (PHI) to the cloud.

Why did you decide to start your secure cloud migration project?

The main reason we migrated to the cloud was to update our infrastructure. We have historically worked from Exchange, but with dated servers and hardware, we wanted to invest in something more technologically-advanced. As cloud technology continues to evolve, so do its capabilities. We found that G Suite would work more efficiently, giving us easier access to data and ridding us of older technology, such as remote VPN access. The added layer of security was also a big benefit that drew us to the cloud. Working in the health care industry means handling a great deal of personal data, and with that comes a responsibility to ensure all information is safeguarded at every level.

What were your organization’s biggest challenges throughout the migration?

The main challenge we expected before migrating was finding a way to safeguard our customer data during the process of moving to the cloud. However, our partnership with Virtru meant that this was not a problem at all. Virtru offered us a way to transport our data in a way that was 100% HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Their protection for emails and files and persistent access controls gave us the assurances that we needed. Because we were moving to G Suite, we also needed a partner like Virtru with a track record of seamless integration with Google products. Finally, we had to ensure that all our franchised offices were happy with the decision, and we noticed that some were apprehensive about the move. However, after some education into the benefits of the cloud, all concerns were quickly alleviated and the whole business was onboard.

How did Virtru facilitate the secure migration process?

Our migration went smoothly and that was in part a testament to Virtru. The product met all our needs straight away and was immediately implemented. Security systems can often be clunky and inhibitive, but Virtru was extremely intuitive and really helped streamline the process. As migration began, virtually nothing was needed to be changed other than a few simple tweaks to the HIPAA DLP policy enforcement rule set. With the simple user interface, these changes were quick and easy to make.

What advice would you give to those thinking of migrating?

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of moving to the cloud, it would be to be explicit about why you want to move in the first place. For us, we wanted something that would give us easier access to data and help us to work more efficiently and securely. By drilling down to your reasons for moving to the cloud, it really helps to inform other decisions along the way.

Parting Thoughts

Since moving to the cloud, we have significantly improved data management and security across the organization. With Virtru Data Protection, we can now begin rolling the migration out across our franchise offices while staying in complete control of our data.