Comparing Virtru + Google to Microsoft

Moving from Microsoft to Google with the Combined Benefit of Virtru Zero Trust Data Access

Virtru + Google vs. Microsoft 365

Data protection initiatives are focused on eliminating security gaps in the data lifecycle as you create, share, use, and store data. Google Workspace combined with Virtru’s Zero Trust Data Access platform gives you and your people a simple way to share data without sacrificing security, privacy, or control – all while complying with important data privacy regulations. Virtru and Google deliver on the needs of Zero Trust data protection as well as the differentiators of: ease of use for admins/users/recipients, simple deployment, and fast user adoption to see security results across your internal organization and collaboration network.

Zero Trust Data Access Built to Share, Control, and Protect Your Data

Adding the Virtru Zero Trust Data Access platform to your Google migration gives you the power to control your data no matter what providers, platforms, or SaaS solutions you use, the ease of use to create simple, efficient workflows, and the freedom to share data any way you need to. Secure the data itself for protection everywhere.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to achieve encryption, data access, and data governance in Google Workspace vs. Microsoft
  • Assess the support needed to help meet regulatory compliance regulations such as ITAR, HIPAA, and GDPR
  • Maximize access control flexibility and adaptability
  • Discover why security is an essential component of a cloud migration strategy
  • Assess the ROI of Google + Virtru versus Microsoft